SmartSeal® Profit Center Kit

SmartSeal Profit Center Kits

If you’re looking to display your SmartSeal clamps, we offer an attractive profit center kit.  This kit includes:

  • SmartSeal Clamp Rack: holds 50 clamps and comes with peg-board hooks
  • SmartSeal Clamps: 50 clamps in five 10 piece sub pack boxes in sizes 20, 24, 28, 36, and 40
  • SmartSeal Blister Assortment with Clip Strip: comes with ten SmartSeal blister packs, two each of sizes 20, 24, 28, 36, and 40

SmartSeal Packaging

SmartSeal Clamps are available in 10 piece sub packs, bulk packaging, and in handy blister packs.  The blister packs are clearly imprinted with the individual part number and sizing, while allowing your customers to view the latest in sealing technology for themselves!

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17-3/8″ H x 16″ W
Part No: 2688001

30″ H x 5-3/4″ W x 3-3/4″ D
Part No: 99904-7215-058

Find Your Part Number

SmartSeal Clamp Rack Only2688001
SmartSeal Clamps Only : 50 pcs99902-7215-051
SmartSeal Clamp Rack + Clamps99903-7215-051
SmartSeal Profit Center Kit:
Rack + Clamps + Blister Assortment with Clip Strip
Blister Assortment with Clip Strip99904-7215-058

Barcoded Options

SmartSeal Barcoded Clamps Only: 50 pcs99902-7215-053
SmartSeal Clamp Rack + Barcoded Clamps99903-7215-053
SmartSeal Profit Center Kit: Rack + Barcoded Clamps + Blister Assortment with Clip Strip99904-7215-053