Clamp Profit Centers

Catch the eye of your customers and clamp onto sales with exclusive IDEAL-TRIDON Merchandisers and Packaging. We offer a wide variety of storage and display options to get your clamp stock in front of customers. Like our ultra-compact Clamp Racks. Choose from two pre-assembled wire racks and display your clamps right on the counter. Or, attach the pegs and turn it into a shelf unit. However you choose, it all adds up to greater profits and easy stocking.

  •  IDEAL-TRIDON exclusive
  • Eye-catching design with realistic band
    and housings
  • Tough with sturdy metal construction and
    durable styrene sign

Large Clamp Rack Only Part No. 2674001

  • Visible merchandise promotes efficient,
    organized stock control
  • Pre-assembled
  • Versatile—use for countertop display or
    peg board attachment

Small Clamp Rack Only Part No. 2673001

Assortment Options

Find Your Part Number

250 Pieces + Small Rack99903-1674-05199903-1671-05199903-1570-05199903-1680-05199903-1500-051
450 Pieces + Large Rack99903-2674-05199903-2671-05199903-2570-05199903-2680-05199903-2500-051
600 Pieces + Large Rack99903-3674-05199903-3671-05199903-3570-05199903-3680-05199903-3500-051
250 Clamps Only99902-1674-05199902-1671-05199902-1570-05199902-1680-05199902-1500-051
450 Clamps Only99902-2674-05199902-2671-05199902-2570-05199902-2680-05199902-2500-051
600 Clamps Only99902-3674-05199902-3671-05199902-3570-05199902-3680-05199902-3500-051

Barcoded Options

67-4 Barcoded67-1 Barcoded57-0 Barcoded68-0 Barcoded50-0 Barcoded
250 Pieces + Small Rack99903-1674-05399903-1671-05399903-1570-05399903-1680-05399903-1500-053
450 Pieces + Large Rack99903-2674-05399903-2671-05399903-2570-05399903-2680-05399903-2500-053
600 Pieces + Large Rack99903-3674-05399903-3671-05399903-3570-05399903-3680-05399903-3500-053
250 Clamps Only99902-1674-05399902-1671-05399902-1570-05399902-1680-05399902-1500-053
450 Clamps Only99902-2674-05399902-2671-05399902-2570-05399902-2680-05399902-2500-053
600 Clamps Only99902-3674-05399902-3671-05399902-3570-05399902-3680-05399902-3500-053