130 Piece Clamp Profit Center

Key Features

  • Holds 130 clamps: (40) Micro-Gear® and (90) 1/2″ Hy-Gear® covering clamping ranges from 1/4″ to 2 3/4″
  • Durable steel construction
  • Promotes visible merchandising for efficient, organized stock control
  • Requires no assembly
  • Can be used as counter-top display or attached to peg board
  • Comes with English, French & Spanish language decals
  • Available in three assorted options

Assortment Options

Automotive Assortment
Micro-Gear® 52M Series
1/2” Hy-Gear® 52 Series
Part Stainless Steel

Industrial/Automotive Assortment
Micro-Gear® 62P Series
1/2″ Hy-Gear® 57-0 Series
Part Stainless Steel

Hardware Assortment
Micro-Gear® 62M Series, Barcoded
1/2″ Hy-Gear 67-1 Series, Barcoded
All Stainless Steel

Find Your Part Number

Part No.DescriptionMicro 4Micro 6Size 10Size 12Size 20Size 28Size 36
2671001130 Piece Rack Only
99903-0520-051Automotive Assortment + Rack20201020202020
99902-0520-051Automotive Assortment Clamps Only20201020202020
99903-0570-051Industrial/Automotive Assortment + Rack20201020202020
99902-0570-051Industrial/Automotive Assortment Clamps Only20201020202020
99903-0671-053Hardware Assortment + Rack20201020202020
99902-0671-053Hardware Assortment Clamps Only20201020202020